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About Brianna Lehmann

Hello and welcome to my little piece of the World Wide Web. My name is Brianna, and I live in New Mexico, where the food is fabulous and the culture is colorful. I am a homeschool mama of two beautifully and wonderfully made kiddos. I am married to the most handsome, hard-working, son of a gun. As far as my faith walk goes, I grew up a Pentecostal preacher’s kid, and about thirteen years ago, my mother-in-love introduced me to the fullness of the Torah and Yeshua. I love every new twist and turn in the beautiful story of our Creator. I find immense joy in teaching what I learn to my children and anyone else who may be curious. I hope you find a nugget of hope and encouragement in my ramblings.

New Book From Brianna


Understanding Satan From a Hebraic Perspective

Have you ever wondered why there is little to no information about demons and devils in the Old Testament? I certainly have, and this unanswered question led me to do an in-depth Bible study where I attempt to find out why. Join me as I dive into unchartered waters to discover what the Biblical images and symbols may have communicated to the original Ancient Near East audience.

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