Shadows Are All Around Us


Shadows intrigue us, elude us, and haunt us. 

They lurk in the boundaries 

between the darkness and the light,

the world we know and the one we don't. 

Shadows are echoes of who we were

and callings of who we may yet be.

Shadows are spirits

profound, mysterious, and real.

They move within us and without

and they remind us that 

we are not alone.


They can provide life and sustain us

or drain our power and diminish us.

When shadows are restless,

we can become 

ill physically, 

unbalanced emotionally,

caught in addictions, 

or just stuck.

Life can seem like its full of bad luck.

So we search for answers.

An Ancient Solution


Indigenous cultures have known for centuries

that it is possible to interact 

with the world of shadow and spirit.

In that world, anything is possible.


In that world, time and space are irrelevant; 

what's hidden can be revealed; 

what's lost can be found; 

what's broken can be made whole. 

In that place, miracles can be discovered. 

That is where the journey begins.

The Search Is On


Using universal shamanic techniques, 

we will fly beyond the circle of the earth

and go on a quest to find 

knowledge, wisdom, and healing.

We will step into other realities with allies who will aid us on this journey.

We will close old chapters in your life and write new ones. 

We will reconnect you to the echoes of your past and open up exciting door ways to your future.

Are you ready?