Power Restoration and Removal

From the view of the shaman, interactions in our lives can leave us attached to power we do not want or cause us to lose our own power. Bringing lost power back, releasing us from unwanted power, and infusing us with spiritual power is an excellent way to empower us and bring harmony back into our lives. A very powerful healing tool! 

Space Clearings

Whether you are just moving into a new house, apartment or property or have been there a while, space clearing is a good way to sweep away the remnants of the past, reconnect with your home, and start anew. 

Hidden Knowledge Discovery

What do you want to know? Do you have a dilemma that you just can't figure out? Hidden Knowledge Discovery can help you untangle the knots so that you can see clearer and make better informed decisions. Questions about the past, the future, and the deceased can also be asked.  

Soul Passage

Soul Passage is a technique used to help people who have passed away find a path to a peaceful place in the afterlife. People who experienced a traumatic or unexpected death or who die with a lot of worries and attachments in this world may have a difficult time letting go and moving on. 

Blessings and Severings

Is something new happening in your life and you want to begin it with a blessing? Or have you gone through a difficult break-up, job loss, or ending of some kind that you just can't let go of? We can create a sacred ceremony to send you on your way or to say good bye to the past. 

Drum Circles and Journey Techniques

Looking for something different to do with your group? Consider a drum circle or learning some simple shamanic techniques that you can use to guide your own life.