About Me

Who Am I?


My name is Michael Oddo. I am a shamanic practitioner. The goal of this work is to impart wisdom and healing and to empower people so that they can live fulfilling happy lives.


I started on this path nine years ago although it seems I have always been on it.  I had my first training in Shamanism in Columbus, Ohio with Deborah Ling. I continued my studies with the Foundation For Shamanic Studies. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies is based out of California and was founded by Michael Harner who wrote the best selling book The Way Of The Shaman.


Through the Foundation, I attended the Way of the Shaman introductory weekend workshop as well as the Two Week Healing Intensive training and the Three Year Advanced Initiations in Shamanic Practice. I continue to experience and learn more about this profound spiritual practice as I continue on my journey.

The reason I choose to offer this shamanic experience to people is because I believe it works. I have seen it in my life. The changes that have occurred to me and to others that I know are mysterious and improbable. Shamanism pierces a barrier into a compassionate world where healing, knowledge,and power flow. It is a subtle yet powerful practice whose purpose is to ease suffering and help us connect to the web of life in a deeper more meaningful way.


We no longer live in tribal communities where the local medicine man was the person to go to for healing. We now have modern medicine that can treat many of our physical and emotional problems. Shamanism is not a substitute for contemporary medical care. It is a form of spiritual healing. For this reason, I believe that this type of work is most effective when used as an adjunct to modern medicine.

A few things you need to know:

  1. Shamanism is not a religion! However,  techniques used in shamanism can be used to enhance religious practices. 
  2. I will never tell you to begin or stop medical treatment or medication. 
  3. If you are under the care of a physician or mental health provider, inform him or her that you are going to see a Shaman. (If you experience a miracle then it can be documented!)
  4. Shamanic work may stir up difficult emotions. Please be aware of this before beginning this work.
  5. If requesting my services or more information, please summarize what you are seeking help for. DO NOT give me specifics. We can discuss these if necessary if we decide to work together.